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Realty Yield is unlike other brokerages. Our firm is your one-stop, full-service investment real estate provider. Whether you are an experienced investor or new to real estate investing, we can provide the strategic guidance you need, as well as provide top-tier brokerage services, handle your 1031 Exchange and arrange financing.

First and foremost, we take a strategic approach to real estate investing. Buying, holding, and hoping is not a strategy; a personalized plan specific to your situation is. But what further sets Realty Yield apart are the services we provide between the buy and sell moments. What you do between transaction times is critical to achieving maximum returns - including cash flow and capital/equity growth. These returns can be accelerated above market-norms with proactive, strategic decision making on an ongoing basis. 

Our values and passion lay in building long term, successful relationships over the course of a lifetime. Success is a true commitment, not a series of occasional transactions. It is a relationship that grows and materializes over time. Realty Yield will be with you every step of the way on your road to financial freedom.

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Why Choose Us?

At Realty Yield, we want your investments to succeed. All investors need a plan, whether your goal is capital (equity) growth, maximum cash flow, realizing optimum tax benefits or any combination thereof.

The experts at Realty Yield will guide you through the complex and ever-changing world of real-estate investment with confidence. At Realty Yield, we know that lasting wealth comes from making the right decisions, at the right times. Knowing what to do in these moments is what sets Realty Yield apart.

By working with us, you’ll benefit no matter what your needs, whether you are looking to buy real estate property, sell real estate property, complete a 1031 exchange, secure a commercial loan, consult on investment real estate / portfolio performance improvement strategies, or executing a tax favorable exit strategy at retirement.

You are more than just a client, and we are more than just a brokerage firm. That’s why at Realty Yield, we make a personal commitment to you. We will create your own, unique, expertly crafted, Personal Real-Estate Investment Strategy. We give you the best results because we have the knowledge and experience to create your best plan of action. We will guide you through those vital decisions of what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

We know we are only as successful as our clients. It is by providing unparalleled service that we keep our clients for life. Working side-by-side, year-in and year-out, we will proactively manage, assess, and strategize your financial investments through all stages of the investment life-cycle.

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Unparalleled advisory services with proven executable strategies

Specialized Property Portfolio Financial Investment Analysis

Investment Property Sales (Brokerage) Proficiency

Expert Financial-Mortgage Counsel

Our Commitment

Our single-minded focus on our client’s investment strategies and execution guarantees that we are committed for the entire length of our relationship. We will continually monitor our client's investments and we will actively work with our clients every step of the way, as their goals and needs change over time.

Our commitment, knowledge, and experience make us the the best, most complete, one-stop resource for assisting the private real estate investor in creating lasting wealth through income producing real estate.

As our client, you will have access to top-tier strategic advisory experts offering:

  • Investment Property Analysis
  • Real Estate Brokerage Services
  • Mortgage Lending
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Real Estate Tax Consulting
  • Real Estate Law Consulting
  • Property Management and Landlord Services
  • Self-Directed IRA’s
  • Partnerships Formation for Pooled Fund Investments
  • Retirement Exit Planning & Strategies
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Areas of Expertise

Market Trends
Current market knowledge & real estate investment trends information
Consummate technical financial-investment analysis competency
Across-the-board strategy formation & execution
Investment property sales, dispositions, acquisitions & 1031 exchanges
Income-property financing, mortgage origination & placement
Asset Management
Asset management through landlord advisory services
1031 Exchange
IRS Like-kind exchange property
Property Management
Property management selection, contract negotiation and performance evaluation
Pooled Funds
Partnership formation, joint ventures, pooled funds, & agent brokerage services
Property type investment guidance
Tax Planning
Real estate tax considerations and planning
Retirement exit strategies including structured sales
Income-property, investment portfolio valuation
Risk Management
Risk management guidance including property types, leverage & market trends
Investment development feasibility & investment opportunities
Feasibility Studies
Feasibility studies, development & land-use

Proven Results

We’re with you every step of the way. We carefully manage your asset throughout its entire ownership life. That’s why our clients realize the best possible returns (Cash Flow, Tax Benefits and Accelerated Capital/Equity Growth).

Most brokers simply care about the buy/sell moments, and aren’t concerned with your personal goals. If your broker doesn’t care, any good results you may see are just a happy accident.  Therefore, you simply can’t afford to trust your investments to a broker who isn’t “proven”, and doesn’t work with you every step of the way.

In the end, we are much more than a broker. In fact, our clients think of us as their primary real estate investment consultant. We'll work and consult closely with you, getting to know you, your assets, and your goals, and devising your personal strategy.  Once we’ve thoroughly consulted, real estate investment brokerage naturally follows.

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